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The Club Rules

The first rule of the Creators Club – we do not talk about the Creators Club

Just kidding! You can talk about it as much as you want, but here are some other rules that we DO want you to follow:

Naming yourself:

Please fill up your name. You don’t have to put your last name if you don’t want to, but it’s preferable to have an actual name for everyone. You can do that through clicking on your name, and choosing “edit your profile”.

Introducing yourself:

When you first join the Club, please start by introducing yourself. You can do that in the #welcome channel. Tell us where you’re from, what got you into animation and why you decided to join this club. You can scroll up in the channel to see what others have written.

The different channels:

We have a few channels open for conversation already, and we’ll be adding more over time, based on suggestions and ideas that might come up.

The #welcome channel is where you introduce yourself.

#announcements is where I can… well, announce things. Please avoid writing on that channel as it’s mainly for the admins.

Under #collaborations you can look for people to join in on your projects.

#discussion is where I will set a weekly topic and we can all join in the conversation about it.

#inspiration is where you post articles, videos or whatever you find that inspired you lately.

#job-board is where you look to hire a fellow creators.

#general is for random thoughts, and conversations about anything you want.

#share-your-work is where you can share demo reels, artwork or anything you’ve done to get feedback.

#technical-questions is if you have some technical problem you need help with.

#askbloop is for questions directed at me, or anyone from the bloop team.

Private messaging:

If you want to talk to me personally, try using the #askbloop channel and I will try to answer. Not to worry though! Even if you don’t hear back from me there are many awesome artists (and a few community managers) who will be glad to help out.

Be cool:

I think this is pretty self explanatory, right? No spamming, harassing or any type of behavior you wouldn’t tolerate at a family dinner.